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The Team

Capitol Steps Consulting comprises associates who have spent decades successfully traversing the fields of commercial market development, state-national-international government service, state & federal capture management, project management, campaign operations management, business operations and sales team management.

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Nicholas J. Oliva                                   

Strategic Services

Michael Kuehn

During general economic expansion, organizations often attain sales and revenue goals more readily. A rising tide truly helps to lift all boats. But strategic planning creates structure which offsets inevitable downturns and provides a model amendable to any economic weather. We collaborate with client sales teams to blueprint goals and practices which clear the path upon which an organization's success is trekked. Our cross-industry knowledge is wide-ranging, and boasts a record of growth and accomplishment.

Clients trust our team to design solutions to meet and exceed your can’t-miss revenue goals in any economic environment.

Proposal Experts

Our proposal team comprises eight professionals located in Colorado and Washington DC, each possessing a lengthy track record in state and federal government procurement. They exercise a commitment to best practices, yielding high win-percentage success and peer recognition. Their specialization in the field of proposal writing is unrivaled, with investment placed in ongoing education in proposal certifications, which is a must, not an option. Additionally, our writers hold high-security clearance credentials to meet or exceed the rigorous demands made by buyers.          

Audit & Compliance, Proposal Pricing Strategy

Kevin Savage

Stephanie Amend

Public and Media Relations 



Laurel Lennon

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