Getting Started

Taking Your First Steps with Us

A growing number of organizations are expanding their competitive vision to include the State and Federal marketplace. Whether the move is taken to absorb the blows of a volatile private sector economy or to establish long-term stability as a government vendor, Capitol Steps Consulting assists in paving the road necessary to compete. 


While government contracting is nothing new, businesses of all sizes and capabilities are taking notice of these ample long-term revenue opportunities. Entering and navigating the government marketplace can be a frustrating endeavor, from deciphering complex regulations, or discovering how to match a government need with your product or service. Also difficult is how to identify the most valuable target or opportunity. And once a position has been staked in the marketplace, how does an organization maintain its presence and advance its standing? We can help to answer all of these questions.

Charting a new course into open waters may conflict with the culture of an organization, especially when its culture is risk-averse.

In one case, we merged innovative thinking and structured-planning for one of our clients – a 155 year-old Berkshire Hathaway Company – and flexed our ability to navigate State and Federal environments as we ran a successful business development campaign. We aim to instill confidence while delivering peace of mind.

Your first conversation with Capitol Steps Consulting will encompass the following topics, so we can begin to define and build a winning game plan:

Who are you?

Share the history of your organization, and the ideas and practices that have yielded success.

Where are you now?

Educate us on the reasons why entering the State or Federal marketplace is a consideration.


What is your destination?

Discuss the horsepower driving the organization and why an overture into a new marketplace is part of your vision. From there, allow us to tell you about Capitol Steps Consulting. We think you’ll agree this conversation will begin to lighten the burden of those weighty decisions.

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