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We’re aware that, distilled to its essence, whatever your objective it will involve a competition for scarce resources. We believe in taking a firm, fair and aggressive posture in that process. Clients who take pride in the energy expended to build their success will find reassurance in both our performance and our passion to advance their interests. As professionals, we respect the talent against whom we compete. But winning is always better.

Our careers have been dedicated to: 

  • Federal and State capture management

  • Proposal writing for high-level security clearance contracts 

  • Proposal pricing strategy 

  • Government audits & compliance

  • Marketing & branding public-private-political sector campaigns 

  • Public and Media Relations

Capitol Steps Consulting enjoys over 200 years of combined experience serving in and consulting to public, private, and political sectors. 

Our clients rest easy knowing we consistently maintain a "lever & knobs" approach to implementing processes and measuring progress and outcomes.

We Serve Two of the Largest U.S. Spending Hubs


Washington, DC (live stream of U.S. Capitol)

Denver, CO (live stream of downtown)

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