Why It Matters

Cultivating Your Political Voice

The ability to be heard and understood in the right forum is an integral part of building the long-term relationships that underpin success. Our team will present ideas on how to launch your political voice at the right volume, in the best venues, and to the right audience. The “surgically positioned” influence of your organization strengthens its point of differentiation, resulting in the advancement of your agenda.

By allowing Capitol Steps Consulting to methodically cultivate your political voice, you secure an invaluable asset which will yield tangible results. We’ll assist in customizing your approach, ensure you "bank" the most as a result of your participation and that your message resonates far and wide.

Personalized Client Positioning and Outreach

We help maintain and advance organization advocacy, including the messaging and strategic communications related to your progress. Messages are crafted and subsequently pushed over the “finish line,” ensuring your political voice is heard through the following:

  • Marketing and Branding

  • Blasts

  • Social media

  • Newsletters

  • Press releases

  • White papers

  • Traditional media outlets

  • Community involvement

Beyond your organization’s ability to provide a service to government and the taxpayer, Capitol Steps Consulting crafts suggestions and action plans to align your objectives through participation in suitable professional, social, trade or technical conclaves.

These groups may include local, State, regional or national platforms upon which your leadership or influence may be exerted to improve the climate for your organization or sector.

Industry Specific Knowledge

Capitol Steps Consulting has worked across diverse industries, so we are well-versed in recognizing priorities across the spectrum. We begin by understanding your industry’s competitive landscape, and painstakingly drill down to the internal and external factors that have impact on the course our clients who wish to drive desirable outcomes.

The diverse clientele and sectors we have served include:

  • Health Benefits Providers

  • Financial Services

  • Precision Metal Manufacturing


  • Non-Profit 501(c)(3)/(4) Organizations 

  • Architect & Engineering

  • Information Technology Staffing

  • Large-Scale Commercial Roofing

  • Medical Equipment Manufacturing

  • Building Products Manufacturing

  • Construction

  • Medical Practice Management

  • Billing & Collections

  • Candidates for Public Office


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