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Michael Kuehn


Michael has spent over two decades designing and implementing customized sales strategies. When structure and measurable sales behaviors are integrated, it clarifies how to select and motivate the best people to execute the vision of the organization's leadership. When also tracking sales behaviors and activities, these elements drive all key factors in an organization's ability to achieve its top-line revenue goals. Strength, experience, and perspective allows Michael to drive client teams, as well as deliver tangible results to any project he leads. 

When it comes to sales, sales management and leadership development experience, Michael has transformed sales practices for teams in multiple industries including healthcare, information technology, insurance, manufacturing, and financial services - managing teams ranging in size from 5 to 65. He is a skilled facilitator who has delivered hundreds of keynote presentations and workshops to groups as large as 5,000.

Under Michael’s leadership, sales teams have achieved unprecedented success and sales growth:

  • 800% revenue growth within six years

  • Securing the largest IT training and development contracts in the U.S.

  • Transforming a printing operation business model into one of the largest suppliers of custom management tools in the nation's restaurant & hospitality industry

Michael’s ability to ask the right questions and analyze what he learns in the pursuit of a solution is second to none. He extracts the key issues that plague sales strategies which ultimately and negatively impact sales goals. Michael has measurable success in honing in on options that resolve sales model deficiencies, efficiently and effectively. 

In Michael’s free time, he enjoys training with his wife for his next half-marathon, cheering on the Denver Broncos, and volunteering for the Denver Kids Mentor program.

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